Monday 12 December 2016

Glenfarclas 21, 25, 30 & 2007 TWE Exclusive: TWE Show Report

Hello all,

A few Glenfarclas today. Direct fired stills and Sherry casks gives the whisky a heavy, old school feel. The older ones are quite reasonably priced and often available. 
I've had the 10 before and didn't really like it. Had the 15 a few months ago and liked it but wasn't the Sherry bomb I was expecting.
So I thought I'd try some of the others and really test the range!

Glenfarclas 30 43%
Colour: Amber
Body: Medium
Nose: Sherry, marzipan, almond, complex spices.
Taste: Complex, balanced, spice and oak, marzipan and stewed fruit.
Finish: Long length. Mouth watering sweetness.
At 46% this would be wonderful I think. This has just been repackaged in a lovely red box, in the style of the warehouse doors.

Glenfarclas 21 43%
Colour: Amber
Body: Medium
Nose: Rich Sherry, lots of oak, milk chocolate.
Taste: Malty, natural sweetness, refill oak tannins, some dry raisin.
Finish: Medium length. Dry, coffee and 90%+ chocolate.
A bit too much on the oaky side for my taste.

Glenfarclas 25 43%
Colour: Amber
Body: Medium
Nose: Great balance, spice, oak, Sherry, cherry and orange.
Taste: Sweet, soft, old notes, oak, leather, tannins, cherry and orange, again lovely balance.
Finish: Medium/Long length. Oak, Sherry and tannins.
Overall, a great balance between the fruit and oak.

Glenfarclas 2007 Marriage of Casks for TWE 51.1%
Colour: Amber
Body: Full
Nose: Lovely, meaty Sherry style, good balance, plum, red grape, some smoke?
Taste: Soft, then power! Big intense Sherry, powerful spice, then more oak.
Finish: Long length. Meaty, red berry and oak.
From 1st Fill Oloroso casks 435 & 456, bottled for The Whisky Exchange.

Overall Glenfarclas impressed me this time around. It does seem to do well with age, I just wish that some were at higher strengths. They keep their prices reasonable though, which is always a plus.

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