Links to my whisky knowledge articles:

A Boring Story of Linkwood 'A' & 'B'- LINK

A Rant about Low Scores and Why They are Important- LINK

Experiments in Oak: a DIY Maturation Experiment- LINK

Let's Talk Condensers: 'Shell & Tube' and 'Worm Tubs'- LINK

Let's Talk Purifiers: 'Water Cooled' & 'Non-Water Cooled'- LINK

Let's Talk Maltings- LINK

Let's Talk Direct Fired Stills- LINK

Let's Talk Partial Triple Distillation: Your Guide to Springbank, Mortlach and Benrinnes- LINK

Let's Talk: Whisky Now & Then [A Discussion of Tradition, Tequila Barrels & Just About Everything Else]- LINK

Peat, Phenols and Ppm: Why Scotch Tastes Smoky- LINK

The Whiskey Hype Train: Quality vs. Expectations- LINK

The Do's and Don'ts of Whisky Festivals- LINK

Understanding Whisky Marketing Terms- LINK

How to Analyze, Review and Score Whiskey- LINK

Why Every Drinker Should Try New Things- LINK

Let's Talk Recharring: STR Casks- LINK


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