Wednesday 1 February 2017

BenRiach 10 Curiositas Review

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Another review from me, this time it's a BenRiach. It's a Speyside malt but some of it they peat, some not. Not that unusual these days, as everyone seems to be jumping on the peat train but BenRiach were doing it before it was cool.
BenRiach 10 Curiositas 46%
Colour: Light Gold
Body: Medium
Nose: Peaty and sweet, throat lozenges, antiseptic, citrus fruit- Lemon, green apple and lime, candy, barley sugar, malt, smoked meat? Floral notes coming out after a bit- Lavender and heather.
Water: More creamy, vanilla, fudge, butterscotch. Then a lovely floral note- Cherry blossom. Peat very much taking a backseat.
Taste: Light arrival, sweet peat developing with oak spice and barley sugar, toast, peat fire, lime juice, lemon sherbet, lemonade, very fizzy into the finish.
Water: More creamy arrival with vanilla and vanilla fudge then a juicy development with more fruit- Lemon, lime and some orange. Peat now in the background.
Finish: Medium length. Peat hit then fading barley malt.
Very nice, but I've yet to try any unpeated BenRiach to compare.

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