The 90 Club

It is not often I find something truly outstanding.

The whisky world is brimming with bottles like never before. But it takes a lot of skill and luck to find the right spirit and put it into the perfect cask for the perfect length of time and then for a person who really enjoys that type of whisky to discover it. 
Everyone is different. Just because I really liked these whiskies does NOT mean that you will. However, I thought it would be useful to make a list of my highest rated whiskies:

There are 27 whiskies in the 90 Club. Some number crunching here has revealed that the current average age of a whisky in the 90 Club is about 27 years old. The average price (approx.) is £815 for a 70cl bottle. The average strength is around 51.4%abv.

Hopefully this list will expand as we go on and I taste more and more whiskies.

I am also going to add the 'Almost There Club' with whiskies that have scored 89/100:

Cheers all!

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