Monday 5 December 2016

Lagavulin 25 200th Anniversary: TWE Show Report

Hello again everyone,

A big one today and another pre/new release.
It’s Lagavulin 25.

This cost me a dream dram on the second day but good thing I went over to get it as my 3rd dram of the day, because they’d almost run out already.
I didn’t particularly want to like this; its unreasonably priced, its Lagavulin, its Diageo. BUT unfortunately it’s also gorgeous.
Did I mention the bottle looks fantastic too?

Lagavulin 25 200th Anniversary 50.9%
Colour: Amber
Body: Medium/Full
Nose: BEAUTIFUL! Imagine that you are at Lagavulin and taken a huge handful of peaty grist from the mill, rubbed it into your hands and then smelt them. Really takes you straight to Islay. Islay malting floor, smells like standing near the Port Ellen maltings, peaty grist. Behind that there’s complex spices including nutmeg, some fruit too from the Sherry.
Taste: Incredible Sherry to start, then chewing peaty malt straight from the malting floor, amazing peaty grist and malt, coal, malting floor, ashy with an awesome mouthfeel. A unique texture to this too.
Finish: Long length. Gristy still, peaty with sweetness coming through as well. Incredible balance.
Well… damnit.

One of the best, the stuff of whisky porn.
I would buy a bottle of this at £200, even £300 I would be tempted but it retails at £800 and that is a bit too much. Highly recommended to try though.

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