Thursday 22 December 2016

Kininvie 23 Review: TWE Show Report

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I'll be without a laptop for a few days but hopefully will be able to keep posting through the Christmas period.

Kininvie is a still house in the grounds of the Balvenie Distillery. In my opinion, it is not a distillery. Only a brand.
Why do I think that? Well, have a look at Wikipedia, then Malt Madness. Kininvie does not have a mash tun or fermenting tanks, all that is done at Balvenie.
Compare that to Macallan, who have 3 seperate distilleries on the same estate and still refer to it as the same single malt and you'll start to see the line a little blurred.

Is this still house even in production at the moment? No one seems to know. With the new Ailsa Bay distillery in Girvan, I doubt William Grant even need the Kininvie still house any more.

Who cares? Well, maybe the people buying the 35cl bottles for £120?!

What are they getting for all that money? A whisky that was made to satisfy more demand for blends. Yep, it's a filler malt from Balvenie Distillery. In my opinion.
Kininvie 23 42.6%
Colour: Straw
Body: Light
Nose: Light, malty, floral, lots of clean grainy notes, pressed flowers and lavender.
Taste: Very malty, grain, light, floral notes and a clean natural sweetness.
Finish: Short/Medium length. More oak comes through.
I would have thought this is the latest batch, but unsure on exact batch/vintage. Not bad at all but the price is absolutely crazy.

Apologies for the rant, but I'd hate for people to actually buying this not knowing anything about it.

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