Saturday 22 April 2017

1792 Small Batch Bourbon Review

Hi everyone,

I’m back with more Bourbon today. I’ll probably be posting a few in the future too. It’s not like there’s many of them I’ve tried anyway.
And yes, before you ask, I’m going to try and taste a load more Bourbon/American whiskey. I’m going to a festival next Saturday that should have some.

In other words, I’m trying and have been trying to get to grips with Bourbon but it’s difficult.
The names on the bottles don’t match the distilleries they are made from, sometimes the brand doesn’t even have a distillery, they’ve just bought it from somewhere, the stuff’s from a few different grains, there’s all sorts of crazy acronyms flying about.

What have I got today? It’s 1792 Small Batch.
What does that mean? Very little.

Anyway, enough rambling, let’s taste it.

1792 Small Batch Bourbon 46.85%
Colour: Bronze
Body: Medium
Nose: Hot and spicy, clove, cinnamon bark, quite fruity for Bourbon, apple pie, orange, honeysuckle, fresh lumber, sawn wood.
Taste: Soft arrival, very soft, lovely mouthfeel, honeysuckle, apple pie, developing spice, actually, it’s very spicy (Not at all in a bad way), intense clove! and lots of it, cinnamon bark, green oak.
Finish: Medium length. More clove and dry cinnamon bark, dry freshly sawn wood.
Stupid bottle, but nice whiskey from Barton distillery. Yeah, really enjoyed the spiciness here.

Thanks for reading!

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