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3x Ledaig from The Haig: 18 TBWC, 2004 G&M & 1997 Carn Mor Reviews

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More Ledaig from Mr. Ledaig, from The Haig. Yep.
Not gonna give a big long intro today but these were three I tasted back at The Haig whisky festival (God I’ve got so many reviews to get through) that I wasn’t too impressed with. Ledaig walks a thin line and sometimes it ends up the wrong side. None of these are bad whiskies, just not great.

Ledaig 18 TBWC 51.7%
Colour: Light Gold
Body: Full
Nose: Funky with a capital F. Blue cheese and barnyard, some smoke but at the back really. Rotting lemon peel, parmesan cheese and lettuce. Very odd.
Taste: Sweet, orange, Bourbon cask waxiness, vanilla, black pepper, not really funky here but a little straightforward. A little cheese near the end.
Finish: Long length. Tingling spices and dry oak.
Weird nose, good on the taste though.
Ledaig 2004 Gordon & MacPhail Cask Strength 55.5%
Colour: Amber
Body: Full
Nose: Unusual, even for Ledaig. Cherry and a lactic milk note, chimney soot, acidic Bruichladdich-esque sick note, orange peel.
Water: More normal with Sherried fruit.
Taste: Meaty, gritty and gristy. Sweetness with cherry, orange marmalade, lemon, lime, raisin, slightly hot and spicy with chilli.
Water: Much better as with the nose. Sweeter but a little spicy.
Finish: Medium length. Rubber, soot, then orange peel.
Lots of off notes here and doesn't quite pull them off. Strange stuff.
74 without water
78 with water
Ledaig 1997 Carn Mor Cask Sample 50.2%
Colour: Light Gold
Body: Medium/Full
Nose: Slightly cheesy, olive oil, barnyard, Ledaiggian smoke, some apple and cheddar, slightly waxy. Some meat too- Pepperoni.
Taste: Soft, lacking some power then big, white pepper, malt, some cheddar cheese, waxy and oily, some lemon peel, slightly floral, ginger.
Finish: Medium length. More Bourbon barrel-y, vanilla, a bit creamy, waxy, dry oak.
A cask sample taken 2017 at 20yo. Don’t know if this has been bottled yet, but from barrel 643083 for your reference. Quite a spicy development.

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