Tuesday 11 December 2018

Tobermory 1995 TWA for TWS [Mystery Review]

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Remember back when the guys at Toronto Whisky Society had a whisky specially bottled for them, then kept shoving it in our faces by reviewing it? (Definitely not jealous)
Well, I was lucky enough to try it too. Many thanks to u/xile_ for sharing this with me, you are a legend sir.
This was actually provided in the form of a mystery, so I had no idea what it was other than TWS on the label (may have been too much of a clue) and the comment ‘There’s a whisky I might like your opinion on.’
Tobermory 1995 The Whisky Agency for Toronto Whisky Society 51.9%
Colour: Light Gold
Viscosity: Very High
Nose: Nice nose. I got a whiff of cheese at first, but now it’s much cleaner with malt, porridge, fresh green apple, slightly grassy, dry oak. Some leather and smoked cheese coming out now. Very subtly mineral. Interesting nose that keeps you digging.
Taste: Soft arrival and builds nicely, clean malt, lots of green apple, lovely fresh lemon citrus, subtle smoke and becoming more and more into the finish. Lots of sea salt too with some white pepper and dry oak. Slightly more herbal and earthy as it opens up with a Mezcal-type note to it.
Finish: Medium/Long length. More smoky here with grass and ash then great dark chocolate, oak and black coffee.
A very nice example of a whisky with a lot of character but still clean and light. Or an older whisky with a lot of freshness.
With the cheese I thought it could be Tobermory, then the cheese went away and I thought it could be Glen Scotia. Then the finish came in with the smoke and I had a funny feeling in my elbow that I now recognise as my whisky sense. It asked me: ‘Wasn’t there a Tobermory that was bottled for the Toronto Whisky Society that was meant to be lightly peated?’
Yes, there was weird whisky elbow. Yes, there was…
Guess: Single Malt Scotch, 18-21yo, cask strength, independent bottling from an Island/Campebeltown distillery.
Could be an older Hogshead Glen Scotia or Tobermory.
TWS on the label would lead me to believe it’s the Toronto Whisky Society bottling of a 21yo Tobermory.

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