Tuesday 5 February 2019

Kingsbarns Single Malt Review

Hi everyone,
Kingsbarns is a new distillery located near St. Andrews in Fife. They are using local barley and the distillery has seen heavy investment from the Wemyss family.
They’ve just released their first readily available whisky at the weekend and I was lucky enough to get to try it. I’m attempting to keep my accolade of having tried a whisky from every distillery in Scotland, which seems pretty impossible with all the new ones (plus Roseilse), but still, I like to try and keep up if I can.
Kingsbarns Single Malt 46%
Colour: Light Straw
Body: Light
Nose: Essentially the New Make Spirit... Light and malty, very little complexity.
Taste: Soft but, yes, the New Make again and little else. No complexity at all, malt, maybe lemon, some ginger spice.
Finish: Short/Medium length. Ginger.
Weak first release that only tastes of unmatured malt spirit. I’m a little stuck with what to score it though… Does it have any off notes? No. Should it get a lower score for not tasting of whisky? Perhaps. In the end, I have given low scores to whiskies like Balcones and Jameson for having bad or off flavours, but at least those have flavours.

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