Tuesday 18 June 2019

Paul John Nirvana, Christmas 2018 & Kanya Reviews

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Apologies again for the lack of posts, been busy with work and travel and and and…
Anyway, more Indian whisky today from Paul John. Really like the distillery style as it seems to be quite Bourbon-like sometimes but with a bit more complexity than Bourbon ever seems to manage.
All three of these are courtesy of the main man, Shilton. Thanks mate.

Paul John Nirvana 40%
Colour: Dark Gold
Body: Medium
Nose: Lovely orange bomb, not weak on the nose but soft, orange peel, orange car sweets complete with the powdered sugar, floral orange blossom, some dry oak in there too. Complex for 40% mind!
Taste: Soft, tingling spices then orange chewing gum, dry oak, some vanilla, creamy, almost chewy mouthfeel, lovely for 40%! Not lacking power.
Finish: Medium length. Chocolatey with malt, chocolate orange and a little oak.
A nice one, better than Brilliance IMO. I think this was released more for cocktails but I really like it just on its own. Think its meant to be pretty cheap too.

Paul John Christmas Edition 2018 46%
Colour: Bronze
Body: Full
Nose: Classic Paul John corn (I find corn quite a lot of the time anyway), soot from the chimney Santa just crawled down, cinnamon and star anise, big but good oak, a little raisin and subtle Sherry, red liquorice and some Christmas cake.
Taste: Quite dry, nice mouthfeel and oils before the oak hits, spices with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, a little raisin, the Sherry is there but its a bit brutalised by the oak.
Finish: Long length. Nice and oily here with some chocolate, dry oak and red apple. Very dry finish.
Sherry finish with some peated whisky too. Nice nose, but the taste is quite oaky with a very dry finish. A fun one though for sure.
Paul John Kanya 50%
Colour: Dark Gold
Body: Full
Nose: Corn at first nosing (again), there's oak but underneath its fresh with fruit, spiced mango, candied orange peel. Nice nose.
Water: Fresher with less oak.
Taste: Soft arrival, great mouthfeel, oak comes in, fresh oak, spices, then malt and orange with ginger beer going into the finish.
Water: Great, nice soft arrival and development.
Finish: Medium length. Orange peel, spices and oak.
Almost American in style. I found myself a little disappointed with this one compared to the single cask I tried in Germany. I was expecting big things, instead finding that its good whisky but not really worth the hype around it.

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