Monday 31 October 2016

Highland Black 8 Blended Scotch (Aldi)

Quick review today,

Yesterday my Father-in-law-to-be hands me a glencairn of whisky and says "So what do you think of this then?"

I, in all my confidence and bluster, take a few sniffs and a taste, stroke my beard thoughtfully and declare that it's a cheap 5 year old Speyside single malt!

Well, I was almost there. It is cheap, it is young, but it is blended.

Highland Black 8 year old Blended Whisky (Aldi)
Colour: E150a
Body: Light
Nose: Very light, fruit, pear, slight floral.
Taste: Soft, light, pear, green apple, some toffee and then some toasted oak.
Finish: Short length. Toasted oak and pear.

This costs £12. Not bad for what it is. It gives Glenfiddich 12 a run for its money. I would have thought that there's lots of Speyside malt in this.
After a bit of time the grain comes out a tiny bit into the finish but there's no harsh alcohol/lemon note that normally gives it away.


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