Tuesday 25 October 2016

The Speyside 1996 Old Particular: Review

Another day, another whisky review.

So, normally I compare whiskies. It's what Serge does, it's what Dave Broom does and it's definitely what all the master distillers do.
It's helpful.

This one I did compare to a Glen Elgin (that's up next) but they're quite different, so I'm writing up the reviews separately.

So. What is The Speyside distillery? Not the region, the distillery. Well it's creatively named, it's a newer distillery (1965) and it produces the 'Spey' brand.
I have yet to taste the whiskies but Horst Leuning did an excellent job of that here.

Onto my sample from an indie bottler I got of MoM:

Speyside 1996 Douglas Laing Old Particular 48.4%
Colour: Light Amber
Body: Medium
Nose: Classic refill Sherry, older than it's years. Quite intense and a little sulphury. Cherry, cherry fizz, orange, oaky spice, ginger, PVA glue, barrel sulphur, spicy Euro oak.
Water: More oak, more tannins, aromatic oak.
Taste: Very soft arrival and then slowly builds. Lots of Christmas, lots of spice, lots of cherry, cherry Brandy, cherry fizz, cherry juice, black cherry developing, then PVA glue and orange. Orange juice into the finish.
Water: Spicier with more orange juice and less cherry.
Finish: Long length. Orange juice fading gradually. Some black cherry remains.
Notes: Bottled 2013 at 17yo.

It's not bad but it's not really balanced. 
There's a nice follow on from the nose to the taste though and if you adore Sherry then add some points.

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