Wednesday 10 May 2017

Birthday Bourbons: Elijah Craig 12, Fighting Cock 6 & Knob Creek Rye Reviews

Hey everyone,

It was my birthday yesterday and it also happened to be my exam for my General Certificate in Distilling. I think it went well, I’ll have to wait for the results though. Anyway, afterwards we wandered around Bristol looking for Banksy street art and then settled into a little bar called The Woods that had a pretty good whisky selection.

I’ve been saying I need to try more Bourbon and took the opportunity to taste some of their American stuff.

Knob Creek Rye 50%
Colour: Bronze
Body: Medium
Nose: Crushed mint and rustic oak. Caramel, vanilla ice cream, slight fruit, coffee, worn leather.
Taste: Sweet arrival with honey and some orange, tingling spice and soft coffee then oak and spice kick up and recede again, leaving soft spice.
Finish: Medium length. Crushed mint, vanilla and a late burst of white pepper.
In some ways this is very interesting, but it doesn’t quite come into balance.

Elijah Craig 12 47%
Colour: Bronze
Body: Medium
Nose: Immediate dark chocolate and coffee bean. Dry oakiness, a little floral, natural caramel, toffee, vanilla pod, fresh cotton (never had that before), rustic with old wooden furniture and a slight musty note.
Taste: Quite soft at first, builds up with restrained but powerful oak and spice then lovely dark chocolate and espresso comes through.
Finish: Medium/Long length. Sucking espresso through oak, slightly sappy with slightly harsh ginger.
Good stuff, the chocolate and coffee notes are nice but I prefer Eagle Rare 10 and 4 Roses Single Barrel I think.
Fighting Cock 6 51.5%
Colour: Bronze
Body: Medium
Nose: Straight away it's sweeter than the EC12. Young fruit, honey, column still spirit, oak. A weird sour note after a minute.
Taste: Soft, then spicy, chilli, jalapeƱo, not too hot though, slightly creamy, honey, sappy oak comes in into the finish. Not too complex but enough.
Finish: Short/Medium length. Honey sweetness and oaky spice.
Absolutely fine and a great great price for a higher strength, but not complex.

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