Thursday 1 June 2017

[Scotland Stag] Deanstoned in Paradise: A Night in Aberlour

Dailuaine distillery from our cabin
Hi again everybody!

I’m back again with part 2 of the Scotland Stag.

On our tour at Glenfarclas we met some great Canadian’s, who invited us to join them at the Mash Tun. If you don’t know it, it’s a famous whisky bar and restaurant/pub in Aberlour. Since we were staying near Aberlour it seemed like a good idea, as me and u/generalbirdy wanted to go there at some point anyway.
Food at the Mash Tun was good, but the whisky selection is great, including a Glenfarclas Family Cask from every year since 1953. From there we then headed to the Aberlour Hotel for a very reasonably priced Balvenie 15 Single Barrel.

It was a bit of surreal evening in a lot of ways, the day had been really hot and we were a bit unprepared for the sun and heat in the Highlands of Scotland. Then ending up meeting these crazy Canadians and their friends from Vegas, who were all hilariously funny. My sides were Glendron-aching the next day… (Oh come on, that one was great!) Then at the Aberlour Hotel we met up with their Macallan tour guide from the day before.
We went home pretty early (for a stag) because we were shattered from travelling and the heat, also keeping the fact it was a stag a secret helped, otherwise I think it would have gotten out of hand! Anyway, if you guys find this post, you were all awesome and thanks for a great evening!

Onto the whiskies:
Glen Elgin 12 43%
Colour: Gold
Body: Medium
Nose: Fruity with sour green apple and fresh citrus. The nose is a little sharp though.
Taste: Again, a little sharp on the taste with oak, some malt, sour green apple and citrus, sour apple chewy sweets. A little oily.
Finish: Medium length. Malt and sour green apple.
This is one of those whiskies you don’t hear a lot about but Diageo have deemed to give it an official bottling anyway. A good one to try though.

Glengoyne Cask Strength 58.2%
Colour: Light Amber
Body: Full
Nose: A classic Glengoyne, full of Sherry and dried fruit, but much more nutty than the 15.
Taste: Intense, Sherry brings some raisin, then heather and nuts, nutmeg.
Finish: Medium length. Spices and oak.
A nice nutty Glengoyne but not completely in balance.

Balvenie 15 Single Barrel Sherry 47.8%
Colour: Dark Amber (Much darker than the version I’ve tried before)
Body: Medium/Full
Nose: Rich and sweet. Decadent is the word, lots of raisin
and sweet fig.
Taste: Sweet and syrupy, raisin, nutty and well rounded. Nice abv too, giving it good mouthfeel.
Finish: Medium length. A little oak but very dry.
Much nicer than the previous version I’d tried from refill Sherry, this must be 1st fill. Lovely sipping whisky for a summer evening!

Thanks for reading!

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