Friday 21 July 2017

Basil Hayden's Review

Hi everyone,

Anyone remember a British tv show with an unstable owner, attacking his own car and badgering the guests?
Yep, Faulty Towers. The owner being Basil Faulty. Ah, you see where I'm going with this now...
So, did I expect a slightly deranged and belligerent Bourbon from the same first name?
No, not really but I didn't really expect a light and fruity Bourbon either.

Basil Haydens 40%
Colour: Light Bronze
Body: Light/Medium
Nose: Quite fruity for a Bourbon, orange juice, which is pretty unique, I also get oaky caramel, peanut shells, clove and liquorice root.
Taste: Light and soft, much lighter than other Bourbon's I've had. Orange juice, oaky caramel, peanut again, soft clove, liquorice and aniseed.
Finish: Medium length. Very soft, orange juice sucked through oak.
An interesting one from the Jim Beam stable. Blind, I might have guessed a virgin oak aged Scotch rather than Bourbon. Maybe.
Because of that, I quite liked this but I'd put it behind Four Roses SiB, so...

Thanks for reading!

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