Thursday 27 July 2017

Evan Williams Extra Aged Review

Hi everyone,

So, this is sort of, but not really, blind review. In that, I had no idea what this cost, which distillery it’s from or how it fits into the Bourbon world. Prices are a bit distorted here in the UK but I hadn’t seen this Bourbon about and I’d always been curious as good ol’ Evan, as he's a lad I talk about almost every weekend.
See, apparently, he was Welsh, although I can’t actually find anything to back it up (I didn’t look that hard). Well, of Welsh descent, and his family apparently started a distillery in Pembrokeshire in South Wales. So, it fits into the history of Welsh whisky, which I talk about quite a bit at work.
Anyway, how does this one taste?

Evan Williams Extra Aged (Black Label) 43%
Colour: Bronze
Body: Medium
Nose: Sweet vanilla, Caramel and honeycomb, liquorice and some dry oaky spice backs it all up.
Taste: Soft first with burnt caramel, toffee then an unexpected sweet burst with the honeycomb, then the spices come in with nutmeg and oak. A little harsh virgin oak comes through after a bit.
Finish: Medium length. Oak then tingling spices. Nutmeg in particular.
Perfectly drinkable Bourbon, I really liked the honeycomb notes I found on this.

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