Monday 13 November 2017

Benrinnes 21 2014 Review [The Grand Old Duke of York]

Hi everyone,

This is one I’ve wanted to try for quite a while. Benrinnes in Sherry is always a pleasure to taste. The slightly sulphury, meaty style (from those worm tubs) is one I absolutely love, along with Mortlach and of course Ledaig.
With a bottle of the 23 tucked away for a rainy day, I knew I needed to try this 21yo version from a few special releases back to see how it would stack up.
I did see it on amazon at one point for £170, which is well below the asking price but never went for it as that’s pretty much what I paid for the 23.
Benrinnes 21 Special Releases 56.9%
Colour: Amber
Body: Medium/Full
Nose: Like a Ledaig without the peat smoke. Meaty and intense, lovely floral undertone with geranium, black pepper, very light raspberry, sulphurous orange. Red grape and dry cherry.
Water: Brings out the chocolate mousse I was looking for. More raspberry, more balance, more florals. More mineral after a bit.
Taste: Dry, black pepper, meaty intensity then some red apple and raspberry. Quite spicy though, dry too with coffee.
Water: Chocolate mousse, still spicy, intense and meaty, malt too, more chocolate and a little mineral.
Finish: Long length. Slightly mineral but some apple. With water it's more dry and chocolatey with cocoa powder.
Distilled 1992, released 2014. I spent a long time with this, letting it open up, adding water and then letting it open up more but it never got to the balance or deliciousness I was looking for. Still great stuff, just not worth the £250.

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