Friday 16 March 2018

English Whisky Co. for M&S, Chapter 11 & 14

Hi everyone,

Now this particular post could be seen as controversial and I might as well address it now rather than later.
I am not a massive fan of the whiskies the English Whisky Co. put out. They tend to be yeasty, marmite-y and a bit weird. I call it a whisky for beer drinkers.
Having said that, some might argue that they are one of the direct competitors of the company I work for. So, my giving them bad scores could be seen as a smear campaign to disadvantage them competitively. If you are thinking that. Stop it. I am a pillar of righteous integrity, and as always these are just my honest opinions of these whiskies.
English Whisky Co for M&S 43%
Colour: Straw
Body: Light/Medium
Nose: Very very fresh, lots of green apple and lemon, a bit of malt, some yeast, dough, a little marmite and some yeasty weird oak. Odd. More yeast comes out over time.
Taste: Soft, lacking some power at first then fresh green apple citrus, some lemon, developing weird yeast and dough notes that go into rubbery territory after a bit.
Finish: Medium length. Weird rubber and yeast. Playdough. Very odd.
Not a big fan of anything I've tried from this distillery so far. The fresh green apple is the only thing saving it. Thanks (sort of) to Mike for the sample.

English Whisky Co. Chapter 11 (Heavily Peated) 46%
Colour: Very light Straw
Body: Medium
Nose: Loads of Marmite, overwhelming. Marmite on toast, peaty smoke, some pepper, some soot, earthy oak, some sort of savoury conserve or jam, pickled onion. Weird, doesn’t help that I don’t like marmite…
Taste: Marmite, wood smoke, charcoal, peat, more Marmite, green sappy oak, developing peaty spice and a little creamy sweetness.
Finish: Short length. Butter then nothing.
3 year old matured in ASB (American Standard Barrel). I had this at the same tasting as the Jameson Stout Cask, and although this is better (albeit relatively), it really isn’t to my tastes at all.
English Whisky Co Chapter 14 46%
Colour: Light Straw
Body: Medium
Nose: Very yeasty. Cider, apple, lots of green apple and yeasty pastry.
Taste: Very cider-y with yeast, farmer's apples. Rough scrumpy.
Finish: Short length. Youthful and yeasty.
Almost more of a calvados than a whisky! I tried this a while ago now at Bristol whisky festival. Again, the weird yeasty notes that seem to be present in all three aren’t doing this any favours whatsoever. The best of this bunch though.

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Full Disclosure Disclaimer: I currently work as a Brand Ambassador for Penderyn Distillery. The views expressed here are purely my own and do not reflect the views of Penderyn Distillery or The Welsh Whisky Company. I try to maintain as much objectivity as I can but feel free to take my reviews with as big a pinch of salt as you like. Furthermore, my rating scale is NOT based on a Parker type wine scoring scale or a school/college/university % or A-F grade score. You can find more on my scoring here. I apologise for any seemly low or 'bad' scores given with my system and I am sorry I can't say only nice things. Please keep in mind that I am ethically compromised and I am unable to produce 100% unbiased reviews.

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