Saturday 22 October 2016

Tomintoul Reviews: 14yo & Peaty Tang

Hey guys!

I've been doing small tastings of only one or two whiskies, going through samples from distilleries I haven't had whiskies from. Including this one: Tomintoul.
Here we go!

Tomintoul 14 46%
Colour: Very Light Straw
Body: Light/Medium
Nose: Fresh and malty. Quite fruity with watermelon, melon, Greek yoghurt, maltiness and a little nut. A bit of oak in the background.
Water: More citrus- Lemon and melon.
Taste: Very fresh and light. Fruity with some sour lemon, then building malt and nut with vanilla and pastry then some oak taking over with tonnes of coffee and chocolate into the finish.
Water: More dry, more sour lemon and slowly building oak. Very oaky into the finish.
Finish: Medium/Long length. Bitter with a tonne of coffee and chocolate that sweep everything away. Actually it's quite appetising.
Notes: I like it. Very light nose though.

Better than I was expecting! Most of these unknown distilleries I've been trying have been scoring in the 60's.

And to compare I've got the medium peated version (they also do Old Ballantruan, which is heavily peated).

Tomintoul Peaty Tang 40%
Colour: Gold
Body: Medium
Nose: Quite light. Fresh peat and lots of citrus. Lime and lemon juice, quite oily, quite earthy, a bit of hay, some malt.
Taste: Fresh and light. Fruity with lemon juice at first then some oiliness and earthiness, going very earthy, almost mud like.
Finish: Medium/Long length. Very earthy, a little oak.
Notes: Should be 46%.

Reminds me of a worse version of Lagavulin, without the Islayness.

That's all for today Check back for more!

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