Sunday 8 January 2017

Dalmore King Alexander III Review

Hi everyone,

Here’s a great tactic: 
You make up/find some Game of Thrones-esque story about royalty/hunting/other expensive sounding stuff. 
You find a load of Dalmore that has come from every different type of barrel/cask/butt and drum you can find and you blend the hell out of it like a boss. 
You put said whisky in a bottle, which you put in a fancy box but water down to 40% and add loads of colouring. Do NOT put an age statement on it for God’s sake.
Most importantly, you slap a big price on it to make sure that people think old whisky must be in it and you get maximum profits.

And there you pretty much have the recipe for Dalmore King Alexander III in my mind.
I tried to put all of that aside for a moment to actually just assess the whisky.

Dalmore King Alexander III 40%
Colour: Amber (But coloured I think)
Body: Medium
Nose: A fruity style of course but with lots of bakery notes too. Baking, rising dough, cinnamon, blackberry and blueberry, a yeasty note.
Taste: Soft, light and ‘smooth’ arrival, then more fruity with blackcurrant, freshly made dough, cinnamon, baker’s yeast, building unbalanced oak coming through and going into the finish.
Finish: Medium length. Stays alive actually with fruity dark berry and oak.
I was surprised with this actually. I was expecting a complete mess with the flavours all over the place but actually it’s not bad. However, a not bad whisky for £150 is just a joke really.

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