Friday 27 January 2017

Tobermory 15 Review

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Today it’s Tobermory from Tobermory. A 15 year old, presented in a lovely wooden box. My 101 whiskies tells me that this is matured partly on the mainland and partly on the isle of Mull (where the distillery is) and also informs me that this is finished in Sherry casks.

Now, I love Ledaig, which is the peated version. Tobermory though, seems to be very different, although this is the only one I’ve tried.

Tobermory 15 46.3%
Colour: Amber
Body: Medium/Full
Nose: Rich and sticky Sherry. A little of the butteriness I find in Ledaig- Butter, rich toffee, clotted cream and vanilla fudge. A little 'off' sour cherry and a cakey note- Birthday cake (Icing and sponge cake). Not much dried fruit sherry notes, more- figs, orange marmalade and cherry stones and flesh.
Water: Bitter orange marmalade, a little salty chocolate, blown out birthday candles (from the cake), slight hint of smoke. Orange peel, clove and eventually a little wood smoke and pancakes.
Taste: Big, rich, a swelling sherried sweetness with loads of raisin, dates, but more fig drenched in fresh sweet PX-esque sherry, fruit cake. The spices are rich and tingling with the oak joining them. Some coffee and cheap dark chocolate into the finish. Some salt here too.
Water: Much creamier arrival, steady sweet development then a sherried coffee/oak hit! Very nice. Then the 'off' sour sherry note becomes apparent.
Finish: Medium length. Creamy coffee and some sea salt chocolate with a delicate sweetness in the background.
I really wanted to like this but truth be told it doesn't quite work for me. A shame, because I know that the peated stuff is fantastic.
However, there seem to be 2 versions of this bottling! One with very good reviews and a collectors version with reviews similar to mine, that came with a vintage postcard and wrapped in a paper.

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