Wednesday 4 January 2017

Glentauchers 1998 + Glenburgie 1995 G&M Sherry Casks Reviews

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I’ve got an interesting Sherry pair for you today, both from the master of epic casks: Gordon & MacPhail. The spirit the whiskies came from are equally uninteresting (sorry) and unheard of: Glentauchers and Glenburgie. Both random Speysiders that you probably wouldn’t know from Glenellachie or Glenlossie.

I have tried both before but was not particularly impressed with either, so was quite content to never try any again.
But, when visiting Cadenhead’s London shop recently I saw these two from G&M, and what caught my eye was the colour and the age. Also, the fact that they weren’t sold out, like anything with a Cadenhead’s label.

Then, Stephen (who does the Cadenhead’s newsletters) told me that he thinks Glentauchers is going to be the next big hyped distillery. I didn’t believe him, but it put the thought in my mind.
Anyway, long story long, I saw these two bottlings later at The Whisky Exchange Show and thought yes.

Glentauchers 1998 Gordon & MacPhail Cask Strength 56.8%
Colour: Amber
Body: Full
Nose: Great Sherry, great cask, cherry and lovely oak. Not too sweet or too oaky, just great balance.
Taste: Lovely, malt, Sherry, lots of cherry, then BAM! Spice, ginger! Intense spiciness.
Finish: Long length. Cherry stones and skins.
A lovely whisky in which the cask is doing almost all the talking, but what a cask! Could be a Glenfarclas blind.

Glenburgie 1995 Gordon & MacPhail Cask Strength 58.1%
Colour: Amber
Body: Full
Nose: Full, Sherry, black cherry, syrup, like a rich gateau cake thing. Lovely.
Taste: Rich, full, black cherry, fruit compote, big Sherry, dark orange.
Finish: Long length. Fruity, dark, Sherry.
Great casks! Another lovely one, just edges the Glentauchers. It’s also a little sweeter, maybe more like a PX Glendronach.

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