Wednesday 29 March 2017

Glencadam 10 Review

Hi everyone,

I actually don’t think I could find anything interesting to say about Glencadam distillery. It was closed between 2000-2004, it’s changed hands a bunch and it’s a Highland distillery, south of Aberdeen.

I guess the name sounds a bit like a cliché magic word…

Abra-Kadabra-Glencadam! Poof!

No? Just me? Ok, whatever.

Glencadam 10 46%
Colour: Pale Gold
Body: Light/Medium
Nose: Fresh and clean. Malty, fresh fruit with plenty of green apple and juicy pear, light citrus, a little raisin, a biscuit note. Nice balance.
Taste: Juicy! Fresh with lots of life. Juicy red and green apple, pear, some raisin again, biscuit again, quite creamy, building malt character with cereal, some oak into the finish.
Finish: Short/Medium length. Red apple and an oaky bite.
An agreeable whisky. Reminds me of Glen Moray.

Wait, no! I’ve got it now. Glencadam sounds slightly musical!!

Glencadam, Glencadam
I’m still not sure if I’m a fan
Glencadam, Glencadam
More red apple than O-Ban

Oh, Highland Glencadam
Make me into more of a man
Glencadam, Glencadam
Throws the punches like Jackie Chan

Calling out Glencadam
You may get kicked out the clan
Glencadam, Glencadam
You could drink it out of a can!

I’ll show myself out….

Thanks for reading!

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  1. your scores are so low, find it a little offensive actually , glencadam 10 such a beauty

    1. Hey there, why does it offend you? 70 is firmly within 'good' territory. It's a good whisky. Equally my 70 could be your 90 or 95 or whatever. It's just a slightly different 100 point system. It doesn't sound great and I doubt distilleries like my scoring but it what makes the most sense to me.
      If you give this 90 and then Glencadam 21 95, you've only got 5 points left to play around with in the very very high end stuff.