Friday 24 March 2017

Talisker Distiller's Edition 2000 & Port Ruighe Reviews

Hi everyone,

Got some more whisky today from one of my favourite distilleries, Talisker.

A mate of mine just bought a bottle of the Distiller’s Edition in Tesco on half price, which reminded me I had done the same (£26 if you were wondering). It also reminded me that I had never put the review up, so here it is. Thought I’d also include my only other Talisker review which is the unpronounceable Port Ruighe (Port Ree, I think?).

Did you know that the new Torabhaig distillery on Skye is just starting up at the moment (Think it’s finished but can’t find the source now)? Should be really interesting to see what they will be producing in a few years time! Although I think in general we have yet to see another Kilchoman, I.E. A new distillery genuinely doing something unique, doing it well and releasing the whisky.

Talisker Port Ruighe 45.8%
Colour: E150a
Body: Medium/Full
Nose: Smoky classic Talisker with the cask sweetness quite obvious. The port is there with an orangey note. Sea salt, lime tang, sweet BBQ sauce. Doesn't really fit well together.
Taste: Juicy and smoky. Quite sweet and blueberry juice, honey syrup, Turkish delight, a little rose and peppery/coriander spice behind. A little wood smoke going into the finish.
Finish: Medium length. Blueberry juice with black pepper cracked in it.
A vatting of bourbon, sherry and rejuvenated casks then finished in Port. Nose is better with water but the taste fell apart.

Talisker Distiller's Edition 2000 45.8%
Colour: E150a
Body: Medium
Nose: Wonderful sweetness. Turkish delight, hard candy, icing sugar, sweet perfumed smoke, creamy smoke, creamy vanilla, some marmalade, heather, salt and pepper, a bit of ginger. Over time- Roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate. Country slices- Cinnamon, cream and fruit compote.
Water: More creamy and more spicy ginger, strawberry chocolate, dry white wine, sweet herbal note- Rose and strawberry. Also almond, marzipan, amaretto biscuit, banana, red apple, oily butter, caramelised sugar and aromatic spice.
Taste: Rich and complex. Beautiful balanced between sweet and smoke. Thick creamy sweet arrival with some fruit- White grape, some cherry, marmalade and creamy smoke. Developing bonfire smoke and spice- Chilli and black pepper.
Water: More spicy oak, strawberry cheesecake, bit of bitter dark chocolate. Oily butter and lime too.
Finish: Medium length. The classic Talisker cracked black pepper kick. Lovely.
Bottled 2011. 6 months-2 years in Ameroso barrels. Must be older Talisker in here as well, really good balance and complexity too. Only a touch below the 18yo.

Thanks for reading!

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