Thursday 30 March 2017

Octomore 6.1 & Discovery 4x Distilled Reviews

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Since everyone is posting Octomore’s  over at r/Scotch at the moment, I thought I’d chime in too!

The first I’ve got is the first Octomore I ever tried, at a Bruichladdich tasting in Cardiff organised by a local whisky club.
The second is the Feis Ile release that was distilled 4 times.

Boring story: I met a lovely guy on a tour where I work, he came up to me at the end and we got to talking about whisky and such. He told me that while on Islay a few months ago, he had a masterclass at Bruichladdich and the person taking it had told him to taste a whisky, the Octomore Discovery 4x distilled. He said it was the most beautiful whisky he’d ever tried and the tears started to roll down his face as he tasted it. I thought wow, I want to taste that one day.
Then while I was on Islay, I spotted a bottle in a bar. I had to try it.

Octomore 6.1 57%

Colour: Gold
Body: Full
Nose: A big heavy dense nose. Alcohol- Absinthe, vodka, oily, tar, underlying sweetness, oaky sweetness, faint peat and a sweet chemical note- cleaning fluid, some fudge and toffee, rubber, raspberry tea, aniseed and liquorice.
Water: Peat coming through more, coal, charcoal, tyre, fragrant oak, floral- beeswax, citrus fruit- orange, lime and lemon, coconut as well.
Taste: Creamy arrival, immense building sweetness and creeping peat, a meaty note? And a metallic note.
Water: Huge. Peat and sweetness, rum and raisin, iodine, flint, rubber, tyre, liquorice root, fragrant oak, lots of spice (a bit of heat)- ginger and white pepper. Pear and vanilla too.
Finish: Long length. Tingling spice, oak and faint smoke. Lemon with water.
5yo, 167ppm, Bourbon barrel matured and Scottish barley. Beautiful bottle and whisky, really innovative. There's a young heat on the taste that doesn't really go away though, even with water.

Octomore Discovery 4x Distilled 69.5%
Colour: Gold
Body: Full
Nose: Soft barley and intense mineral. Restrained peat, brown bread, flour, granulated brown sugar.
Water: Lemon, charcoal. More water: More lemon, lemon juice squeezed over rocks, more Bruichladdich-y. Even more water: Lots of fresh brown bread, flour, a wisp of peat. After a bit- Hot chocolate and expresso, mint. After a long time- Lemonade.
Taste: Intense (Obviously). Alcohol, lemon, huge very mineral peat starts to come through and goes into the finish.
Water: Brown bread, flour, alcohol, lemon. More water: Finally alcohol gone, intense arrival on lemon and peat smoke, building development on mineral peat smoke, hot white pepper and zesty lemon.
Finish: Long/Very Long length. Lemon zest and very mineral peat.
Sherry casks, 7 years old. Great relationship between lemon and very mineral peat. A colossal abv, but not as complex as I was hoping, maybe because of the 4x distillation. No tears were shed in the tasting of this whisky.

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