Friday 18 November 2016

Aultmore 18 Review

Image courtesy of Master of Malt
Hi everyone,

Just the one today. An older Aultmore, released in 2015 for a big revamp of the Aultmore range as a single malt from Bacardi. Most of the stuff ends up in Dewar's normally.
Tasted this at the airport and didn't have time to make proper notes.

Aultmore 18 46%
Colour: Light Gold
Body: Medium
Nose: Grassy and herbal, some malt. Austere.
Water: More fresh fruit. Lemon and orange.
Taste: A little harsh. Again austere. Grass, heather, malt, lemon.
Water: Softer, grain, porridge, lemon, prickling oak. Still a little harsh into the finish.
Finish: Long. Harsh malt and heather.
I think this needed time and I didn't have any. So.... 

Review #147

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