Monday 7 November 2016

Lagavulin 16 Review

Hello again everyone,

Quite a famous one to review today, it's the Lagavulin 16yo.

I'll be the first to say this isn't my favourite malt. I like Lagavulin but I always found the 16 quite flat. But I'd never had it from a proper glass.

Well, how can you judge something you've never even tried properly?!
True. So I did. And I found it a lot better. I think it is also the batch, because I found the new one very different. I've included both sets of notes.

Lagavulin 16 43%

Tasted on 2 separate occasions (but same bottle) in late 2014 from a tumbler
Colour: E150a
Body: Medium
Nose: Lots of classic Islay peat smoke with chocolatey malt, some hay and grass, wood smoke, woody spice, burnt oak, soft fruit- Apple and lemon.
Taste: Soft and light. Malty chocolate, smoky barley sugar, soft peat smoke, quite fruity- Apple with developing citrus- Lemon. Then more smoke develops with burnt oak, burning hay and grass, bonfire.
Finish: Short length. Smoky notes fade very quickly leaving a hint of salt.

Tasted early 2016 from a Glencairn
Nose: Medium. Fruit and smoke. Some lemon and lime citrus.
Taste: Very smoky and sooty, ash, Lapsang tea, some fruit, then more citrus. Oily and full. Not sure how I found the other batch light, this is pretty full on.
Finish: Long length. Citrus, lime, peat.

Same Mark as the new 8yo, Lg5 and Cask Islay.
I'll admit it's a good whisky. But for £50 I'd prefer an Ardbeg. Although, I'm always very tempted by the price in France, which I've seen at £35.

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