Monday 7 November 2016

The One Sherry Finish Review

This is something a mate picked up for me for my birthday. Had a look at reviews and they were pretty terrible, so was a little apprehensive to try it.

So this is a limited edition of 3335 bottles. Blended and then finished in Sherry Hogsheads. It's a blend of whiskies from all countries in the UK. Containing Penderyn, Bushmills, St. George's and grain whisky from Scotland.
Working at the Welsh one I know that they don't buy it from us, so they probably buy bottles and empty it in a vat. St. George's might sell them whisky but probably not loads. So we are left with the majority of the bottle being made up of Bushmills and Grain from bonny Scotland.
Let's see how it tastes then.

The One Blended British Whisky 'Sherry Finish Special Edition' 40%
Colour: Gold
Body: Medium
Nose: Hmmm, slightly sulphurous Sherry. Not everyone will like this. Quite intense fresh and dried fruit- Raisin, fig, dried apple. A herbal note- Thyme. There's some alcohol burn, probably the grain talking.
Taste: Easy style, Sherry, vanilla, honey, slightly rubbery sulphur, fig and raisin again, a creamy note, rum and raisin. Again, you can feel the grain with a little harsh alcohol.
Finish: Medium length. Back to the Sherry with a little spice.

Some people have found this horribly sulphured, you have been warned, but sulphur is experienced differently according to your genes.

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