Monday 28 November 2016

TWE Show Report + Exciting Intro Stuff: TBWC Secret Distillery #2 21yo Review


I am excited! The Whisky Exchange show in London was amazing and I’m here to tell you all about my experience there, tasting 80 whiskies in one weekend.
There’s some incredible stuff in here, lots of high scores (…for me), and a load of pre-release/new stuff so I’m keen to get these reviews out before some of them go to market.

Stuff to look out for:
Port Charlotte 10yo (2016)- Literally go and buy a case of this the minute it comes out.
Octomore 10 (2016)
Black Art 5.1 Yes, you heard. 5.1 FIVE Point One
Lagavulin 25 (if you can afford it, sadface)
Laphroaig 2001 HL First Editions (But it’s £160 sadface)- Just came out
Ledaig 2004 G&M for TWE & Ledaig 11 Time Series IV TWE
Also tasted: Brora 38, Port Ellen Rare Malts 1978, Karuizawa 1983, Laphroaig 1996 Masterpieces, Springbank 21 Show release, Springbank 25 pre-release, Compass Box 3yo Deluxe . There’s a load of great Japanese and Bourbon stuff too so keep an eye on r/WorldWhisky and r/Bourbon.

So, prepare yourself for 80 reviews of epic malt crazy awesomeness!!!
Image courtesy of Master of Malt
First up is a secret distillery bottling from That Boutique-y Whisky Co at 21 years old. From the label you can work out which distillery they are implying, 16 men, 24 foot tall swans... Probably from a Bourbon barrel.

TBWC Secret Distillery #2 21 year old 49.7%
Colour: Gold
Body: Light
Nose: Custard, malt, light, grain whisky-esque, ginger, spicy oak, biscuit.
Taste: Soft, light, malt, delicious custard and biscuit.
Finish: Long length. Ginger snaps.

Nice, very nice actually. A very biscuity malt but I probably wouldn’t be buying a 50cl bottle for £150 (Story of whisky 2016 eh?), but then they are implying it's a whisky that we don't really see in indie bottlings.
I know, a bit anti-climactic maybe but there’s loads of awesome stuff to come. This was the warm up dram.

Review #184

Network Average: 74.4
Best Score: 91
Worst Score: 44
0-49 Terrible
50-59 Bad
60-64 Just About OK
65-69 Ok to Good
70-74 Good
75-79 Very Good
80-84 Excellent
85-89 Superb
90+ Magnificent

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