Sunday 6 November 2016

Lagavulin 8 200th Anniversary Review

Hello everyone,

More Scotch today from my Bristol Whisky Lounge session.

In a surreal moment I asked the Diageo ambassador with the megaphone (Colin Dunn I think) if the Clynelish Select Reserve was a token for a taste. He replied it was a few tokens. Probably should have taken him up on that, but saved my money in the end. He offered me this instead. Lagavulin's new release for their 200th anniversary.

This is a series of short reviews from the Bristol Whisky Lounge 2016. Part 9/20

Lagavulin 8 48%
Colour: Light Straw
Body: Light/Medium
Nose: Very light for a Lagavulin, very bright too. Fruit, lime, lemon, oil, pineapple, lime juice.
Taste: Light, some fruit, lime, building oily smoke, very oily, soot and lime. Balanced.
Finish: Medium length. Lime zest and olive oil.
Notes: Good young Laga. Very similar to Cask Islay.

Great they kept it at 48% too, but Cask Islay is very similar for £20 less.

Review #109

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