Sunday 6 November 2016

Bowmore 1989 Murray McDavid Review

This one is special! Old Bowmore!

At the festival, you can pay (either £2.50 or £5) to try the more expensive stuff.
This is one I went for and I saved some to have at home too. It's been finished (ew) in a Chateau LaTour Red Wine cask. Well, a 5 year finish is more like a secondary maturation.

A series of short reviews from the Bristol Whisky Lounge 2016. Part 18/20

Bowmore 1989 Murray McDavid 50.4%
Colour: Dark Amber, red tint.
Body: Full
Nose: Clean. Red wine, meaty, slightly sulphury (not unpleasant), spent match, charcoal, campfire. Behind that, there's vanilla, chocolate and floral notes- Lavender, rose and dried flowers.
Water: More fruity. Blood orange, grapefruit, hot road tar, dirty and yet clean.
Taste: Intense, meaty and sulphury, building burnt flavours (somewhat unpleasant), char, charcoal, burnt rubber, raspberry, red berry. Very intense, some orange, spice building and going into the finish.
Water: Saves it. Softer arrival, building, integrated and powerful. Red fruit and berry, cranberry, complex spice, star anise and cumin.
Finish: Long length. Red berry and wood spice with charcoal and soot.
Notes: Red wine barrel 2nd maturation for 5 years. Red wine had been in the barrel for 3 years. Chateau Latour red wine. Just on the cusp of being great or terrible. Wouldn't be paying over £300 for a bottle though.

Review #117

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